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If you're at the end of your current mortgage deal or looking to save on your monthly payments, find a great remortgage deal at SO Switch.  Compare low rate mortgages from a wide range of lenders and find a deal to suit you.

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Looking to save money on your mortgage? Use our guide to remortgaging

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LenderInitial Pay RateInitial Monthly PaymentInitial Rate UntilCost for ComparisonTotal FeesEnquire
HSBC 0.99% £519.21 Jun-2017 3.6% APR £1726 Proceed Phone
Furness BS 1.15% £533.20 2 years 5.2% APR £1019 Proceed Phone
Furness BS 1.15% £533.20 2 years 5.2% APR £1019 Proceed Phone
Beverley BS 1.28% £541.64 2 years 4.3% APR £1020 Proceed Phone
Furness BS 1.45% £550.54 2 years 5.1% APR £519 Proceed Phone
Furness BS 1.45% £550.54 2 years 5.1% APR £519 Proceed Phone
Furness BS 1.50% £555.71 2 years 5.2% APR £1019 Proceed Phone
Furness BS 1.50% £555.71 2 years 5.2% APR £1019 Proceed Phone
Marsden BS 1.59% £560.27 May-2017 5.1% APR £1023 Proceed Phone
Principality BS 1.60% £562.05 Apr-2017 4.7% APR £1039 Proceed Phone

* Monthly saving figure is based on criteria entered in the calculator above

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Need tips on remortgaging?

Remortgaging your home needn't be a complicated or time consuming process. So Switch can offer you simple mortgage tools to help you find a new mortgage quickly and easily.

Our guides offer simple advice to help you find your way through the mortgage maze.

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Looking for a new mortgage deal?

If your current mortgage deal is coming to an end and you're looking to save yourself some money on your repayments then you've come to the right place!

Compared to other household payments, your mortgage is likely to be a significant amount, so finding the right mortgage deal that doesn't cost you the earth may seem like a complicated and daunting task. That's why we are working in partnership with Ingard Financial to bring you easy to use comparison tables, which allow you to search for a new mortgage in minutes.
Compare quotes from leading providers and find the best deal to suit your circumstances.

Expert Mortgage Advice

If you would like further help with finding a cheap remortgage deal you can speak to an adviser from an FCA regulated firm who will be able to discuss your requirements in further detail and guide you through the journey, ensuring that you can find a great value mortgage without any added stress.

Have a look at SO Switch's specialist guides to read some useful hints and tips and for further information on other types of mortgage that are available.

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