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ISAs are a tax free savings option to help you earn interest on your savings.  Compare a range of accounts from Cash ISAs to Stocks and Shares ISAs.

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2015-16 ISA allowance:

For the tax year 2015/2016, the overall ISA allowance is £15,240 made up of a cash ISA, a stocks and shares ISA or a combination of the two.

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ISAs are a fantastic tax-free way to save. If you have some spare cash to save or invest an ISA may be for you.

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Index Tracker ISAs are a cheaper way to invest in stocks and shares. Compare the top Index tracker ISAs using our tables and apply online.

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An ISA (Individual Savings Account)will allow you to invest up to a certain limit during each tax year, and any interest you earn on the account is awarded tax-free.

ISA rates 2015/2016

You can put up to £15,240 in a cash ISA and not pay any tax on the interest.  This increase on ISA allowances will be available from the 6th April 2015 and can be made up of a cash ISA, a stocks and shares ISA or a combination of these.

The limit renews each year so you can continue saving if you choose to.  However you can't carry over any remaining allowance, so to make the most of the tax free savings use your full ISA limit each year if you are able to.


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There are different types of ISA available, allowing you to be flexible with the way you save.

Most providers will offer different types of account with fixed or variable rates, and various access options so shop around to see where you can get the most for your money

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Cash ISA

If you are resident in the UK and over 16 years old, you will be entitled to open a Cash ISA. The limit to the amount you can save in the current tax year is £15,000 but will increase to £15,240 in 2015/16.
Cash ISAs are a safe way of investing your savings without any investment risks.
You can choose to invest a lump sum or pay in over a period of time as long as you keep within the upper limit. ISAs are flexible enough for you to withdraw your savings but do remember, that if you have already invested the full £15,000 you won't be able to pay in any more money until the new tax year.

Stocks & Shares ISA

If you are wishing to invest the full £15,000 during the year then you can do this with either a Cash ISA, a Stocks and Shares ISA or a combination of the two.

Stocks & Shares ISAs contain an element of risk as they are associated with the investment market but can potentially offer a greater return than a traditional savings account.

Junior ISA

Junior ISAs were introduced in 2011 as a tax-efficient way of young people saving for the future. The accounts are similar to a Cash ISA but available to anyone under the age of 18 and designed to help both children and their parents save.

The limit for a Junior ISA in the tax year 2015/2016 will increase to £4,080 (currently £4,000).

If you want to find out more about how to invest your savings in an ISA, read our comprehensive guides for more information, tips and advice.