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We can help you to search through a large range of accounts online, saving you time and effort so you can get on with the day to day managing of your money.

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Like savings accounts current accounts can also offer interest on your balance. Search for high-interest accounts to give you that little bit extra.

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Some accounts may offer you added extras such as an interest-free overdraft or cashback on your spending.  Some packaged accounts (those that come with a fee) may offer additional benefits such as breakdown cover, travel insurance and mobile phone cover.

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We've teamed up with to help you find the best current account for you from an extensive range, whether it be a basic current account, a fee based account or a high interest account.

Switching your current account isn't as difficult as you may think. Nowadays, most UK banks have a dedicated team on board to make the process smooth and problem-free. Though it may be an easy option to stay loyal to your bank, they might not always offer the most competitive deals on current accounts to their long-term customers. Consequently, it's always worth shopping for a better offer! Here's a quick guide to just a few of the current accounts on offer:

Basic Current Account

For anyone concerned about overspending, a basic bank account might be the perfect option. With no overdraft option, the customer will have access to a cash card or 'debit' card, and can make easy withdrawals and pay-ins. Direct debits can also be set up to manage money for everyday use.

Student Current Account

If you're about to start University, now is a great time to shop around for one of the best current accounts on the market. Nearly all student accounts will offer an interest-free overdraft, with the overdraft limit and the interest-free period varying depending on the bank you choose.

Graduate Current Account

Equally, if you're a graduate you can also help pay back any outstanding debts with a continuing interest-free overdraft. Most banks offer interest-free bank accounts for up to three years which gives graduates a great head-start in their financial life.

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