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Compare Credit Cards Online

Compare Credit Cards

So Switch has teamed up with Love Money to compare over 100 credit cards to help you find the right card for you. Compare a wide range of lenders in our best buy tables.

Compare Credit Cards

Credit Cards

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Compare 100s of Credit Cards

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aa American Express Barclaycard Capital One fluid Halifax Nationwide Natwest Santander Sainsburys Tesco Clubcard
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At you can:

Search a wide range of credit cards

We cover cards giving you 0% on your purchases, or offering cashback.  You can also find credit cards for poor credit, allowing you to repair your credit score.

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Find a 0% credit card

0% credit cards come in two forms - 0% balance transfers where you pay 0% on any balance transferred (transfer fees may apply) or offering you 0% on purchases giving you an interest-free period for your spending.

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Earn as you spend

You could earn rewards for shopping with your credit card. The rewards can come in the form of Cashback, Air miles or points. There are different types of rewards so find the one that suits you most.

Earn on spending

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Need tips on the best credit card deal?

There are so many things to take into account when looking for the best credit card for you. Our guides offer help and advice to make sure you get the best deal.



0% balance transfers

Our guide to finding the best 0% balance transfer card

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Cashback credit cards

Our guide to finding the right cashback card

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Using a credit card abroad

Our guide to using a credit card abroad

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0% purchase cards

Our guide to finding the right 0% purchase card

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Choosing a card

Our guide to finding the right card

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How to apply for a credit card

Our guide about how to apply for a credit card

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Finding the most suitable credit card for you with SO Switch

Whether you need a long 0% balance transfer, a low rate card for a new purchase, or you would just like to reap the savings rewards that a new credit card has to offer, we've teamed up with, who have hunted down some of the best credit card deals on the market today. We understand it can be hard to find the right option for you, so they've provided all the information you will need to be happy with your plastic again.

Together with, we've made the process quick and easy!

With the comparison table, discovering the best credit card deal from our range to suit your needs becomes a quick and easy process. The tables compare a variety of credit cards, including balance transfer credit cards, gold and platinum, credit building, air miles, foreign spending and other types of cards.

Not happy with your current credit card? So Switch!