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  • How to plan for retirement – whatever your age

    Give yourself a comfortable retirement by starting your planning as soon as possible.

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    Are you at risk of being left penniless if your partner dies?

    Preparing for the future could help you to remain financially independent should the worst happen.

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    Insurers must prepare for longer life expectancy

    Britain’s oldest man has just turned 110 and although he is the first person born in the 20th century to reach this age, he certainly won’t be the last.

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    Women face shortfall in retirement savings

    The Scottish Widows Annual Women and Pensions report has shown that the gap between men and women’s financial retirement plans has grown significantly in the past year.

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    Will you ever be able to retire?

    We all look forward to the day when the nine-to-five grind ends and we can enjoy one long Saga holiday after another. But how many of us will be able to fund the lifestyle we long for by the time our working days are done?

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    Why our pensions are like illegal ‘Ponzi’ schemes

    It had never occurred to me before, but something dawned on me when reading about Bernard Madoff’s colossal fraud: the way UK pensions and illegal ‘Ponzi’ investment schemes work is eerily similar. Are you happy about that? And, since all such investment schemes eventually collapse, will we ‘late entrants’ be ripped off?

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