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  • I’ve never had life insurance, why should I buy now?

    At various stages of your life, you will need to think about your options for taking out life insurance. Not everyone necessarily needs this type of insurance, but it can be an extremely useful pot of money for your family to have in the event of your death.

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    I’m a new parent – why should I consider Life Insurance?

    There are a few situations in life where you may want to consider Life Insurance and becoming a new mum or dad is definitely one of those key moments.

    Following the excitement of the birth of your first child, it is easy to forget about certain things, however with a growing family one thing that it’s important not to overlook is the right kind of financial protection.

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    When should I review (and maybe change) my life insurance?

    A good life insurance policy should adequately cover all outgoings that partners and family will have to pay when you are deceased. Unfortunately, many people take out a policy when they are young and then never update it, leaving a large shortfall for their family to manage

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    What type of life insurance is right for me and my family?

    Getting married, buying a property and the arrival of a first child are life-changing events that make one aware that being unfortunate enough to suffer an early death would present serious financial problems for those left behind.

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    Have You Fallen for these Life Hoaxes and Myths

    Life has always been full of tales, hoaxes and myths. From the many obscure old wives’ tales to the Loch Ness monster and yetis, most of life’s hoaxes have now been discredited and proved wrong. However, in recent years the internet has resulted in a new wave of both exotic and ridiculous myths and hoaxes that are circulated by email and social media. Here are some of our favourites.

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    What is less likely to happen than becoming a millionaire?

    According to the Telegraph, one in five university graduates become millionaires, and the number of millionaire households in the UK has increased in the past few years, despite the global economic crisis.

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