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  • 6 properties you can buy for £10,000 or less

    One of life’s milestones is buying your own home. Strapped for cash?…

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    Happy St George’s Day!

    Today we celebrate St George’s Day, the patron saint of England – famous for slaying a mythical beast! But he’s not the only one famous for such an unusual talent…

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    How to live like the Queen… on a smaller budget of course!

    So you might be more Barbara Windsor than Elizabeth Windsor, or associate…

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    Valentine’s Day: Why it’s okay to be a cheap date!

    Treating your loved one on Valentine’s Day need not cost your a fortune – follow our tips for some grugal, yet romantic celebrations!

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    Ready for the End of the World?

    So the big day is approaching – are you prepared?

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    What do you get the Queen for Christmas?

    If you’re buying for that difficult someone who ‘has everything’, take some inspiration from the following gifts exchanged by the famous and wealthy.
    They’re not as lavish as you might think; instead, they might just be thoughtful enough to give you an idea or two.
    And, like you and me, they’re buying for people who “have everything”: I mean, what do you get the Queen? (Read on for the real answer.)
    We look at a dozen examples that could even inspire your own gift-giving this Christmas…

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