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  • Wills: Why “Not Now” Might As Well Be “Never”

    In our first article about wills, we found that at least a fifth of folks up to retirement age have not yet got around to making a will.

    What makes us such procrastinators?

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    How your five new “credit card rights” change the game

    Did credit cards just get… fairer?

    Or is it just an illusion, created by clever marketing speak?

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    Loyalty Really Adds Up

    I have become a bit obsessive compulsive about using my Boots loyalty card. It is arguably the most generous loyalty card around and it’s amazing how quickly the points mount up.

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    How enterprising Americans are getting their mortgage paid – for the price of a paintjob

    Feeling a bit hard up? Along with the rest of us?
    Despite the lowest mortgage rates in a generation, many of us are still pinned down by high monthly mortgage repayments – or otherwise feeling the pinch.

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    Ten good reasons to take charge of your finances

    With debt levels and living costs rising, it can be easier to leave bank statements unopened than face up to our money woes.

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    Are you a believer in the ‘housing bubble’ myth?

    There’s a popular belief about UK house prices, and it goes something like this:

    House prices formed a bubble in the mid-2000s, which burst in 2007-2008
    The resulting fallout nearly ruined some of our big banks
    Now we’re in a post-bubble phase where house prices are back to normal
    But if that sums up your view on the housing market, you’re probably believing a myth.

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