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  • When abandoning your holiday is the only option

    Back in December I was getting my suitcase out of the loft as I heard the presenter on the radio say that snow was on its way over the weekend. Thank goodness I was escaping to warmer climes to India for two weeks I thought. After last year, the romantic idea of a white Christmas was just that. The reality is treacherous roads and pavements, snow bound cars, huge heating bills and general disruption to daily life.

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    It pays to shop around and switch ISAs

    I’ve had an individual savings account or more commonly known as a cash ISA since 2001. I got it just 18 months after they were introduced by the former Government back in April 1999. They’re a great way to save tax free and now roughly one in three adults hold an ISA savings account. I’ve always made sure I invest the full allowance for the year which currently is £5,100 per annum.

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    Is it wrong to hit women? Public sector job cuts certainly will

    Official figures show that the gender pay gap has narrowed dramatically over the last 13
    years. which sounds like great news if you are a woman working in the UK.

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    Which towns have the UK’s biggest debts?

    Living with debt has become as much an accepted part of modern life in the UK as mobile phones, high house prices and fake tan. All of which might indirectly be contributing to the piles of debt we have stashed away.

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    The ultimate property purchase or not?

    Ever wondered what it’s like to own your own island?
    They’re pricey, celebrities love them, but according to the man who has sold over 2,000 of them to the rich and sometimes famous, you’ve a good chance of ending up with a mosquito-ridden nightmare.

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    Want to fix your mortgage? Get a hurry on…

    Bankers are pulling their best fixed rate deals like there’s no tomorrow.
    But you can use a little-known trick of timing to avoid missing out on a long-lasting low rate feast. Here’s what lenders are up to — and if you want to lock in lower mortgage rates any time in the next three months, here’s why you should act straight away.

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