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  • Top 10 tips for a new landlord

    If the thought of becoming a first time buyer is a little…

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    How to get fit at work

    With recent news stating that inactivity is more likely to lead to ill health and death than obesity, we should all really be doing more to keep ourselves fit and well.

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    Improve your chances of getting a mortgage

    Applying for a mortgage has always involved lots of financial questions and plenty of form filling, however since the introduction of the Mortgage Market Review in 2014, lenders now expect you to jump through just a few more hoops before accepting you for a home loan.

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    How much will I pay for Life Insurance if I am overweight?

    If you’re considering taking out a Life Insurance policy, one of the most important factors will be whether or not it’s affordable.

    Insurers will calculate how much your premium will be based on a number of different factors which will determine how much of a risk you are to them.

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    Buy-to-let – where do I start?

    We’ve all heard about the popularity of buy-to-let. We’ve also heard about the controversy. The buy-to-let sector grew by almost one third during 2014, and with so many young buyers priced out of the property market, landlords are under the political spotlight more now than at any time in recent years.

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    Childcare Costs vs Mortgage: Can you afford both?

    So you’re renting a home with your partner and you’re dreaming of nothing more but owning your own place – having somewhere to call your own and somewhere safe and secure to bring up your family in the future.

    But how many of us who are coveting both a home and a family can actually afford to do both?

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