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  • Life Insurance for Individuals with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

    There are multiple life insurance companies who offer a policy at low…

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    How to Pass the Mortgage Market Review (MMR)

    The stringent Mortgage Market Review (MMR) came into force on 26 April…

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    How Does My Job Affect Life Insurance?

    If you’re looking at taking out life insurance, there are a number…

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    Parents Who Skipped Meals to Afford the Mortgage

    A recent survey completed by a charity shows that around the UK…

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    A £1 million Bedsit, What Would You Do with a Million?

    What a difference a mile could make! Well in the world of…

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    5 Ways to Build Credit to Be Approved for a Mortgage

    Mortgages are a big commitment – not just for you but for…

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